Giving faq

Q: Why are we asking you to pledge?

A: It all goes back to planning. We want to be wise stewards of the resources invested at Decatur City Church. Pledging helps us know if we’ll have enough money to move forward in the months ahead. We’re incredibly grateful for the generosity of so many who make projects like this possible at Decatur City.

Q: How can I give toward my pledge?

A: If giving online, select the “Better Because” designation so your donations can be applied to your pledge.

You can also set up a recurring gift. However, your gifts will not automatically end when your pledge is fulfilled. You can manually select an end date or cancel your gift at any time.

If giving via checks, please make them payable to Decatur City Church and write either "Better Because" or "Building Fund" on the memo line. Checks can be placed in the offering on Sundays or mailed to:

North Point Ministries
4350 North Point Pkwy
Alpharetta, GA 30022

You can also give non-cash gifts in the form of stock contributions. Learn more about stock contributions.

Q: Is my total pledge amount for the whole capital campaign or is it per year?

A: Your pledge amount is the total you are choosing to give throughout the entire two-year campaign. You can break that total up between 2018 and 2019 in any way you choose.

Q: Is my pledge amount in addition to my regular giving to Decatur City?

A: Yes. Your regular giving supports the general operations of the church, while your pledge fulfillment will directly support the renovations of our new space.


Project FAQ

Q: When are we moving?

A: We hope to complete renovations and begin holding services at our new space by the end of January 2019. There are often complications in projects like this that could alter the timeline, but we’ll be working toward that goal.

Q: Are we merging with another church?

A: No. While we’re good friends with the team at Bridgepoint Church, our official relationship will be that of tenant and landlord. Bridgepoint will continue to meet in a separate section of the property, but Decatur City will manage and maintain the majority of the space.

Q: Will we still be portable?

A: No. This lease will allow us to occupy space 24/7 and transition to being fully non-portable!

Q: How can I help?

A: You’ve likely already heard about how you can financially partner with us in this project. You can submit your pledges or begin giving now. As the project progresses, we’re hoping to create volunteer opportunities to help with certain projects. Stay tuned and connect with us on Facebook or Instagram to be the first to hear about those opportunities!